Tonalito Help

Uh... What is this place?
Welcome to Tonalito! This is a user-powered database of song keys. It contains the song keys of thousands of popular songs, all submitted and moderated by internet users just like you. Browse through some songs and artists to get a feel of how it works, then register to get started.

Isn't tonalito that weird Spanish recipe?
Hmm... Don't think so. Tonalito just comes from the word tonality, which is what musicians use when talking about the key of a song.

Musician 1: That sounds so sweet, but what's the song's tonality?
Musician 2: Not sure, let's check Tonalito!

Ok fine, but why would I want to know some crappy song keys anyway?
Yikes - let's go easy on the insults there. Song keys are useful for a lot of reasons:
  • you need the song key to jam (improvise) over a song
  • you can easily find songs that fit your vocal range
  • you can experiment jamming over songs with weird or interesting scales
  • you can pretend to have a perfect ear by naming song keys within seconds

I'm trying to a submit a new song key, but there are these validate buttons...
When you submit a song key (i.e. artist, track name, song key, notes), we check the artist and track against a real song database to make sure you aren't just putting random crap on our beautiful website. This also helps keep the database very organized. First enter an artist, click validate, and select an artist from the list. Once it has been validated, you can do the same process for the song. Then go ahead and enter the key(s) and any notes in the relevant boxes.

For submitting a new key, what do I put in the key(s) and notes boxes?
The key(s) box should contain the key of the song. For most songs there is only one key, so something like A major will do the trick. If the song has multiple keys, enter all of the keys seperated by commas. For example: D minor, G# major, E major. The notes section is to put in any details about the song key. For example, if there are multiple keys of the song you might say something like: The verses are in D minor, the chorus is in G# major, and the solo is in E major.